Review: Jonathan! by Peter Carnavas

Jonathan by Peter Carnavas Jonathan! by Peter Carnavas, Illustrated by Amanda Francey
New Frontier Publishing  RRP: AUD$24.99

– Australian author and illustrator

– Lively text and vibrant illustrations

– Humorous and warm hearted look at family life for a young boy

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Jonathan is a boy whose idea of fun is to scare and surprise his family.  He loves his creative dress ups and making big, scary  noises. When Dad is mopping the floor, Jonathan leaps from behind the curtains with a ‘Roar!’;  when his sister is having a nap, he springs from behind the couch with a ‘Snap!’  Young Jonathan’s big problem, however, is that no one is ever very scared.  They’re all so used to his antics that they simply roll their eyes and groan  ‘Not scary, Jonathan’.  This all changes on the day that Jonathan ventures outside and meets a real, live dinosaur!  If anything is going to truly surprise his family it will surely be a visit from his toothy new friend. But all is not what it seems…

Jonathan! portrays the boisterous energy of a little boy’s affectionate attention seeking while his family tries to get on with their daily chores.  It celebrates the joy kids can find by turning household objects into alter egos and the ways in which boredom leads them to imaginary adventures.  At the conclusion we are reminded, however, that it’s not only little kids that know how to have fun!  I recommend this one as a light hearted bedtime read that many little ones will relate to.  On repeat reads, kids will love joining in with every roar, snap and boo, too.

With thanks to New Frontier for my review copy. 



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