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Scarily enough, it’s almost THAT TIME again. Lots of you are probably thinking about Christmas gift ideas for kids, or unique teacher gifts for the end of the year. I’m a big fan of books as presents (no surprise there) and there are some really beautiful Christmas books being published this year. I’m sharing a selection here of my personal favourites, but do shop around – there is something for everyone! Each of these titles has a Christmas theme, but I’m planning a follow up post next week to showcase some stunning books on a range of subjects that will also make perfect gifts.

Christmas books – the alternative Advent calendar

Christmas gift ideasThe Nights Before Christmas
Koala Books RRP $29.99

Have you ever thought of counting down the days to Christmas using stories instead of a chocolate stuffed Advent calendar?  You could put together a pile of 24 books from your library and read a different one each night, watching the pile diminish as Christmas eve draws nigh!  Or try this compendium of 24 classic stories, including tales from Hans Christian Anderson, Oscar Wilde and Kenneth Grahame. Each story is just long enough for bedtime; one a night from December 1st till Christmas! It is a hefty, hardcover collection, enlivened with just enough colourful images to help kids bring the story to life in their imaginations. One for sharing on laps!

Christmas books – classic tales

Try these if you’re looking for traditional Christmas stories to share with your children this year. These books would also make excellent additions to any classroom or school/kindy library, which makes them handy as thank you presents for teachers.

The Twelve Days of Christmas by Alison Jay 
Koala Books RRP $19.99
A stunningly illustrated version of the popular carol.Christmas books gift ideas

One Night by Penny Matthews and Stephen Michael King
Omnibus Books RRP $24.99 
A reimagining of the nativity through the eyes of the animals present at Jesus’ birth.

‘None of the animals could sleep,’ says a nanny goat. ‘They knew something wonderful was about to happen. Animals always know.’

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas books for early readers

I’m biased here, of course, by the fact that my early readers are girls. So I was excited to see that new titles in the EJ Spy School series (Hide and Peek) and the Ella and Olivia series (Christmas Wonderland) are around this season. I reviewed these series earlier in the year (click here). They’re lovely little tales for 5-8(ish) year olds with a focus on friendship, family and minor moral challenges (sounds like Christmas to me!). They’re also very affordable stocking stuffers!

EJ Spy School – Hide and Peek
Scholastic Australia RRP $7.99

Christmas books gift ideas


Ella and Olivia – Christmas Wonderland 
Scholastic Australia RRP $7.99Christmas gift ideas books

Christmas books – for Aussie kids

Christmas gift ideas books If you live in Australia, it can be tricky to manage kids’ expectations about Christmas. It’s simply not going to snow, no matter how well you behave! I like the fact that there are more and more Aussie Christmas tales coming our way to teach our kids that throwing a prawn on the barbie can be just as much fun as roasting a turkey (is fun the right word?).

Deck The Shed With Bits Of Wattle by Colin Buchanan, Greg Champion & Glen Singleton
Scholastic Australia RRP$19.99
Complete with a CD for singalong fun, get your fix of fa la la la la as Syd Echidna decks out his shed.

Christmas books with a twist

And last, but not least, have some fun with these totally non-traditional spins on the festive season! .

There Was An Old Bloke Who Swallowed A Present by P. Crumble and Louis Shea
Scholastic Australia RRP $15.99

Christmas gift ideas books

Santa’s Busy Reindeer by Ed Allen & Nathaniel Eckstrom
Scholastic Australia RRP $16.99

Christmas gift ideas books

With thanks to Scholastic Australia for my review copies. All opinions are, as always, my own.

Still thinking? Here’s the post I wrote this time last year with more Christmas gift ideas from the bookshelf.

Have you come up with any brilliant Christmas gift ideas this season? What are your favourite Christmas books?


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  1. October 16, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    Thanks for sharing this list, Lara! I also love buying books as presents. Last year, I walked into Dymocks and walked out again an hour later with all my Christmas shopping done – for 18 people 🙂 we don’t actually own any of the titles you’ve mentioned in this post and I’m keen to get hold of some of them, particularly ‘Deck the Shed with Bits of Wattle’!

    • This Charming Mum
      October 16, 2014 at 9:22 pm

      My kids are loving Deck The Shed – as well as There Was An Old Man Who Swallowed A Present. We must be at the age for ridiculous humour right now!

  2. Jonathan
    October 16, 2014 at 4:28 am

    Excellent info here, I am currently doing some research and found exactly what I was looing for.

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