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Skye 1Welcome to the first Charming Kids Read Books review, where I invite kids to tell me what THEY think of their latest favourite reads (rather than just giving you my opinion!).  Each week we’ll meet a different charming child who can give you an idea of which books are appropriate, enjoyable or just the next big thing for particular ages and stages. This was all inspired by my daughter suggesting that kids know more about what, and why, they like to read than their parents. She’s not completely right, but I do see her point – so why not invite a few kids to be reviewers for a day?

This week we’re joined by Skye, Aged 6, who read the latest title in the EJ Spy School series. I’ve already gone into detail on the blog about this fun, easy reader series for girls here, so today I’ll leave most of the opinions to Skye!

EJ Speedy Spy by Susannah McFarlane
Scholastic Australia RRP: $7.99

This latest installation in the fast-paced adventure series sees trainee spy Emma Jacks rescuing an animal agent from the animal training unit. She’ll need to embrace one of her spy agency SHINE’s mottos for this one – be ‘speedy but sure’. As you’d expect if you’re familiar with the series, this book features large font and clear vocabulary for lower primary readers (5-7 yrs).

Skye really liked this book because “EJ had to work really hard and keep trying to get faster at stuff”. Skye understood the message that hard work pays off, as EJ “really did get better at stuff by the end.” 

Skye2All throughout the book, EJ seems to be running late, and this appealed to Skye too. It can be really hard to get everything organised and leave the house on time – even if you’re not at spy school! “Get your skates on!” EJ’s mum would say, and EJ would wish she actually did have skates. Maybe that would help her get ready more quickly in the mornings? Skye liked the idea of having skates!

But when EJ is called to her latest spy assignment, she needs to pick up speed. She goes through a series of mazes, tests and challenges that teach her how to work faster – and smarter. She solves quizzes in record time, and learns to ride a speedy scooter.  Secret agents need to go fast, but not too fast, EJ learns. Speedy but sure, that’s the SHINE motto, and Skye understood how that might relate to her own life too.

Skye’s mum enjoys ‘shared storytelling’ at bed time, where she and Skye each take turns to read a page or a paragraph. It helps the story move along more quickly, but still gives Skye a chance to read independently.  They finished EJ Speedy Spy in one sitting!

Thanks for being our first charming child reviewer Skye!

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  1. March 29, 2015 at 7:34 pm

    Nice job, Skye! And great job, Lara. This looks like just the type of book I would have liked as a young girl. Only a couple more years and my eldest will be getting stuck into these books.

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