Charming Kids Read Books by Nick, Aged 3

I’m taking a break from being the all-knowing kids’ book reviewer on campus and inviting kids to share their own views on their latest favourite reads. This week, we have spunky young Nick on board. Nick likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain….ok make that rainbow Paddle Pops and jumping in muddy puddles, but trust me, he’s cute.  Nick’s favourite book right now is The Super Amazing Adventures Of Me, Pig by Emer Stamp.

The Super Amazing Adventures of Me, Pig by Emer Stamp

Scholastic  RRP $12.99

kids books, books for kidsThis hilarious easy-read chapter book is the 2nd in the series about Pig and his farmyard friends. It’s theoretically written for readers 7 years+, but Nick kicked back and enjoyed having it read to him by mum and dad over a few bedtimes – belly laughing all the way. At the risk of generalising, it strikes me that 3 year old boys and pigs have more than a few things in common! Fart joke anyone?

Pig presents his story as a diary, complete with crossed-out words, a few quirky illustrations and muddy smudges.  Nick pretty much seems to believe that a real pig, somewhere out there, actually wrote this diary – adding all the more to his enjoyment of this silly, funny, gross-out adventure.

Pig is going about his business on the farm (eating his slops, hanging out with his best mate Duck) when a new cat takes up residence in the farmhouse. Kitty is beautiful and charming, but very keen to take Duck’s place as Pig’s newest, bestest friend. Duck knows there’s something fishy about that cat – but can Pig figure it out before Kitty’s antics send all the animals to the pie factory?

Nick found it fascinating that Kitty turned out to be “sneaky”!  He saw through some pretty subtle parts of the story and understood that Kitty “was just pretending to be friends”.  He thought it was funny that all the animals had simple names – Pig, Duck, Cow and so on. That made it “really easy to imagine what they look like”.

Most of all though, Nick thought the broadest, stupidest, smelliest gags were HILARIOUS.  When the animals are rescued by flying chickens with a fart-powered souped up bicycle, it blew his 3 year old mind. Said chickens are known as the Phantom Bantams – a rare and powerful breed of Dutch poultry.  A quasi-Dutch accent and military approach to organisation by the head Bantam leads to lines like this:

Goeden day, Piggenpoop! I ish de Ving Commander of de Phantoom Bantooms. Zeesh are my shkwadren. Pleash be excushing the way ve ish shpeaking. 

Hard work for whoever’s stuck with reading it – but comedy gold for little kids!

A 7(ish) year old would actually need to be quite an advanced reader to work through the various accents and examples of broken English at play in this book: cow (who calls herself Woc) says many words backwards, whilst Pig himself writes as he speaks (I is Pig…I lives in Pig House). For all its fart jokes and ridiculousness, it’s a pretty clever little linguistic adventure.

But that’s my opinion, again, of course. As far as Nick’s concerned it’s just FUNNY, and he’d be happy to start reading it all over again TONIGHT!

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2 comments for “Charming Kids Read Books by Nick, Aged 3

  1. April 6, 2015 at 7:41 pm

    Thanks for the heads up – I’ll look into this as my younger boys LOVE cheeky stuff like this!

    • This Charming Mum
      April 6, 2015 at 8:32 pm

      They’ll love it Emily. Yes, very cheeky and silly, but with a good heart.

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