Charming Kids Read Books, with Skye, Aged 6

Our Charming Kids Read Books series continues this week with another story shared by Skye, who is 6.  This week she’s been reading Beach Holiday, no.13 in the successful girls’ early reader series featuring sisters Ella and Olivia (I’ve reviewed it previously here).  These books are ideal to be read to anyone over 3 and to be read by anyone over 5 who’s keen to move on from picture books and start short chapter reading.

Books for kids, kids book reviewsElla and Olivia: Beach Holiday
Scholastic RRP: $7.00AUD

The Ella and Olivia series focuses on common dilemmas for primary kids, including challenges at school and sibling rivalry.  In this instalment, sisters Ella and Olivia, and their little brother Max, are off to stay with their grandparents near the beach.  Skye enjoyed this book as it reminded her of when she visits the beach with her own grandparents; the girls explore the rock pools and build sandcastles, just as Skye likes to do when she goes to the beach.

In the book, Olivia is very nervous as she hasn’t ever slept more than one night away from her parents.  The more she embraces beach life, like collecting shells and watching an Iron woman race, the more she starts to settle into her holiday.  Skye understood that we all have things that make us nervous, although she’s usually quite happy to stay the night with her grandparents!

Skye thought there was one sad bit in the book; when Olivia goes exploring along the beach, gets lost and can’t find her way back. Ella eventually finds Olivia and all is well, but Olivia was very scared when she realised she’d strayed too far.  Skye’s mum found this a good opportunity to chat with Skye about the importance of staying where adults can see you when you’re out and about.

The book ends with Ella and Olivia building a huge sand castle, which their little brother Max promptly destroys. Skye has a little sister and could very much relate to this part! Skye really loved this book and intends to read it again very soon.

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