Picture Books For Father’s Day

Father’s Day in Australia falls on September 6 this year, so it’s time to start planning something special for the dads, grandads or father figures in your kids’ life. If you have young children, the gift of a picture book is the perfect way to help kids choose a present for their dad that is also meaningful for them. It’s also a ticket to bedtime bonding when Dad snuggles up to share his gift with the little ones. Here are three new titles that should do the job!

Bookish Father’s Day gift ideas

Books for Dad - Father's Day picture booksFearless With Dad by Cori Brooke & Giuseppe Poli
New Frontier RRP:$24.99

This book is a beautiful celebration of the relationship between a boy and his dad. With minimal text and colourful evocative illustrations, we watch this father and son enjoy life’s simple pleasures: gardening, dress ups, cooking and a day at the zoo. But to this little lad, these routine activities are anything but simple; they’re the kinds of adventures that create lifelong memories.

With my Dad, I can do anything. I can surf the biggest waves…kick the winning goal…be silly, or serious…daggy or cool. And do you know why? Because he’s my Dad. 

Daddy's Sandwich - Books For DadsDaddy’s Sandwich by Pip Jones & Laura Hughes
Faber & Faber RRP:$22.99

This is a hilarious look at a toddler’s interpretation of ‘helping’. Daddy, would you like a sandwich with all your favourite things? a little girl asks. Daddy says ‘Mmm! Yes please’ in that absent-minded way parents do when a child is playing tea parties and we are doing something terribly important elsewhere. So off goes our keen little chef to create the ultimate sandwich for Dad. Bread comes first. Then butter, of course. Cheese and tomato. And the biscuits Daddy likes to dunk in his tea! What about his slippers? His newspaper? His mobile phone? They all make their way into an enormous, fantastic sandwich, topped off with the one thing he loves more than anything in the world – his daughter! Lucky Daddy!

This is a fabulous book for reading out loud to your little people so they can gasp at each new favourite thing piled high on the teetering sandwich.

Books about grandparents - Kids picture booksNewspaper Hats by Phil Cummings & Owen Swan
Scholastic RRP:$24.99

In this book, we step away from the Dad jokes and meet a special grandad and granddaughter. Georgie loves hearing her Grandad’s stories, but his memory is not what it used to be. Some days he even has trouble remembering her. On a visit to his nursing home, Georgie helps her Grandad walk through his special memories; memories of his own parents, his mates and the war.

Finally, she reminds him of a time when he made her a newspaper hat. Suddenly, he remembers! They make new hats together and share them with his friends in the garden. A powerful wind swoops through and whisks Georgie’s hat way; she tries to catch it, to hold onto it for just a little longer, but eventually it’s gone. This is a gentle story with a powerful message about love, memories and the stories that bind generations of a family. It’s important to remember that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are not happy occasions for everyone. Books like this one may be helpful for children (or Dads) who have lost an elderly relative.

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