You’re Doing Great Baby – A Positive Message For New Parents

new baby gift, positive parentingOf all the parenting books I read when I was wandering in the fog of life with a new baby, I wish that someone, ANYONE, had just told me that it would all be OK. Between the contradictory breastfeeding advice, the angry rants about parenting philosophies and Dr Google’s penchant for telling me that weird rash was probably something VERY SERIOUS, it’s a wonder I kept my sanity at all!

And I’m hardly alone in having felt overwhelmed by crazy emotions after having a baby. Sydney couple Jeff Edwards and Beth Taylor felt the same way when their eldest (now five) entered their lives.  You’re Doing Great Baby is the book they WISH they’d read in the early days with their son; it’s a book that reassures you that your emotional roller coaster is normal and that parenting is hard, but it won’t always be as worrying and confusing as it is in those first few months.

With simple rhyming text and charming illustrations, a tired new mum is telling her story to the babe in her arms. She explains why she’s more than a little delicate right now – but that she promises to do the best job she can.

I’m tired and sore
I’ve got spew on my clothes.
There are heart-busting highs!
There are gut-wrenching lows.

Oh my goodness, haven’t we all been there!  Then, as she looks down at her bub, she imagines what her little one might say to her if it could…

“This too shall pass,”
You whisper to me.
“Each moment is new.
Hang in there. Just be.

You’ll still make mistakes,
Because all parents do.
Breathe and feel love for yourself.
You’ll get through.”

I can’t think of a better message to give a new parent. This sweet picture book would make an ideal new baby gift or addition to a school or daycare library to help little ones who have new siblings in the family.  The overall message of calm and self-love could be of real benefit to anyone experiencing postnatal depression, or even just the natural exhaustion and fear that comes with early parenting.

So, where can you buy this gorgeous picture book? Beth and Jeff are raising funds to publish the book, and you can pre-order copies online via their creative Kickstarter campaign. When you visit the site, you can choose to make a small cash donation or order the book in various bundles (like a board book + an ebook, or a board book + a book launch invitation). You can also sign up to their mailing list and be one of the first to buy the finished product when it’s hot off the press!

Click here to visit You’re Doing Great Baby, read the book and learn more about the campaign.


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  1. August 26, 2015 at 10:03 pm

    This sounds like a great book and a perfect present for new parents. I love that the couple of written it together 🙂

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