Magical Musical Christmas Books For Kids

Last week I visited the Myer Giftorium and walked away with the Myer Spirit Of Christmas charity CD. It’s become our car stereo standard already as the kids can’t get enough of the likes of Kylie and Delta covering traditional yuletide tunes. It’s a great song collection but, yes, it will get OLD before Christmas. I’ll be encouraging the little ones to mix it up with a few of these super cute musical Christmas books for kids. With CDs attached, they’re ideal presents for your musical youth!

Kids books for Christmas Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (with CD performed by Human Nature) 
Haven Gillespie & J. Fred Coots; illustrations by Nathaniel Eckstrom
Scholastic RRP: $19.99

This traditional carol gets the Human Nature touch with smooth ensemble vocals and a jazz vibe. The wording of the book mirrors the song lyrics, brought to life with big, bold animal characters anticipating Santa’s arrival. Illustrations by Nathaniel Eckstrom, who some might know from books like Santa’s Busy Reindeer, give the kids plenty to get excited about on every colourful page.

Jay Laga'aia Going On A Santa HuntWe’re Going On A Santa Hunt (with CD performed by Jay Laga’aia)
Laine Mitchell and Louis Shea
Scholastic RRP: $19.99

This one sees a group of eager animals hunting for Santa (instead of a bear) to be sure he’s received their Christmas wish list before he sets off in the sleigh. Just like the ever-popular Bear Hunt, the travellers come across obstacles, like a train tunnel (We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, we’ll have to go through it!) and a forest of swishing Christmas trees. Sung by Jay Laga’aia, familiar to lots of kids from Play School and his musical performances, your little ones will be reading, singing and doing the actions all at once!

Justine Clarke Christmas songs A You’re Adorable (with CD performed by Justine Clarke)
Buddy Kaye, Fred Wise & Sydney Lippman; illustrations by Nathaniel Eckstrom
Scolastic RRP: $24.99

For something beautifully gift-worthy but not actually about Christmas, try Justine Clarke’s latest offering. Again, Eckstrom’s charming illustrated animals are our guides, stepping kids through a super sweet alphabetical love song. A, you’re adorable. B, you’re so beautiful … U make my life complete. This is perfect for the preschoolers who’ll be brushing up on their ABCs over the Christmas break, and for anyone who likes to snuggle up with a story. The sentiments could be viewed as a parent speaking to a child, a child to a grandparent, or friends speaking to each other – you name it! It’s also a lovely song to sing to your teddy or favourite snuggle rug (which is exactly what happened in our house!).

Australian Animals Kids Gift Ideas Hush Little Possum: An Australian Lullaby (with CD performed by Deborah Mailman)
P. Crumble and Wendy Binks
Scholastic RRP: $19.99

Two of the big names in kids’ books come together for this delightful version of ‘Hush Little Baby’. P. Crumble is beloved in our house for the Christmas favourite There Was An Old Bloke Who Swallowed A Present – so it’s no surprise to see the name attached to another clever cover. Wendy Binks is best known for her Stripey The Emu series, and it’s that kind of beautifully drawn, wide eyed Aussie animals we see here. This book would be lovely as a gift to send overseas, or a treasure for new babies. Why not have a few lullabies like this one up your sleeve on Christmas eve to get little ones off to sleep before Santa comes?

It may or may not be legal (shh!) but if you copy the CDs over onto your smart phone, you can have instant access anywhere, anytime to these stylish Australian renditions of Christmas favourites. Pop these musical Christmas books for kids in the car, too! They’re great for young children’s literacy (and not bad for parental sanity, either) as the littlies enjoy listening over and while they follow the pictures and make sense of the words.

Click the pic to buy these titles at Bookworld (and I will receive a small percentage of the sale).

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