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Mindfulness colouring is all the rage right now, for kids and adults alike. This week I’ve been playing with More Mindfulness Colouring by Emma Farrarons, a lovely little handbag-sized book packed with intricate black and white designs for you to colour at your leisure.

I think we’re all increasingly aware of the burn out that comes from overdoing screen time and struggling with work/life balance, but finding ‘quiet time’ on your own can be tough. Meditation and mindfulness sound like great ideas, but a lot of us also find it very hard to sit still!

The team from Dymocks bookstores spoke to lifestyle coach Jordanna Levin about how we can find a little bit of calm in our daily chaos. I’m sharing their discussion here…

Lifestyle coach Jordanna Levin discusses modern meditation

There’s no doubt that meditation is an art form that requires a lot of practice. It’s not as simple as crossing your legs and closing your eyes. You need to master the art of actively switching off your mind in order to reap the true benefits. For many, the physical act of sitting still is a challenge in itself, especially if you’re quite restless. If this sounds like you, consider the following three options – all of these can help you achieve a relaxed state of being without locking you into a complete standstill.

Colour Away Your Stress

Colouring has been all the buzz as of late, with Dymocks reporting that adult colouring books have been featured in their top 10 best-seller list for 8 consecutive months. Before you dismiss this as a fad, consider the benefits. Jordanna Levin, Lifestyle Coach and Creator of The Inspired Table explains that “colouring in is the perfect introductory tool to mindfulness for people who find the act of sitting in meditation tricky. It calms the mind by focusing on a simple task that keeps the brain engaged enough so that it doesn’t become bored or easily distracted, but without the complexity of over thinking, multi-tasking or planning.” Colouring has been shown to slow down the mind to promote ease and reduce anxiety. It also taps into our natural creative side, which often gets neglected in the face of work, house chores and other activities. You’ll find that the tactile experience of colouring is naturally calming and serves to be the perfect antidote to our always-on digital world. So the next time your kids pull out the colouring pens, pull up a chair and join them. There are also adult colouring books in a variety of genres, so you can take your pick and colour to your preferences.

Relax With Yoga

Yoga has becoming a ubiquitous practice for stress release and relaxation. There are various types of yoga depending on what you wish to get out of it. For example, you can do heated or non-heated, flow or yin. Try out different methods to see which one you like or prefer. A vital part of yoga is focusing on the breath, which is meditative and helps to slow the mind and concentrate on the moment. It is also very difficult to think about other things while you are trying to balance in a pose. Essentially, yoga forces your mind to be still and mindful in every maneuver. Think of it like this – not only are you getting meditative benefits out of it, but you’re also exercising and toning your body. It’s a double win win! If you are lacking the motivation, convince a friend to join you. You’ll be more inclined to turn up to your yoga appointment if you treat it as a social session and have someone you know doing it with you.

Sing Along To Your Favourite Tunes

Incredibly, when our mind is focused on one external stimulus we are able to alter our brain waves. Often we are moving at such a fast pace activating our beta brain waves, that rarely do we allow time for relaxation and reflection, which is what the alpha brain wave offers. Listening to music or singing to your favourite tunes can dramatically alter your mood. Focus on the melody and lyrics, whether you’re purely listening or blasting out your karaoke skills. Your concentration on an activity you enjoy will allow you to reap the benefits of a meditative state. It’s also great for stress-release! If you find that you’re constantly thinking about your to-do lists or work problems while carrying out your everyday chores, put on some music while you cook and clean to help you clear out your mind and relax.

If you find it uncomfortable to sit still for too long, don’t despair. As you can see, there are a few options you can consider to help you activate your meditative state.

Thanks to Dymocks bookstores for this guest post and providing me with an adult colouring book to sample.

Have you tried mindfulness colouring? Are you someone who can’t sit still? How do you like to switch off?


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