Picture Books For Mum on Mother’s Day

If you’re looking for special gifts to share with the mums in your life this week, I always recommend books. Choose from books for Mum to read on her own, books for shared reading with little people, or books to make life easier for anyone who’s struggling with motherhood or perhaps doesn’t have their mum nearby this Mother’s Day. I’ve reviewed plenty of these on the blog over the years, but here’s a few newbies off the top of my reading pile!

books for mum Mother's DaySuperMum by Leah Russack and Anil Tortop
Scholastic Australia RRP:$16.99

This is a good, old fashioned celebration of mums from the perspective of a young child. Ever thought your mum must have tentacles (because she can juggle so many tasks at once)? Or perhaps your mum has x-ray vision (because she always knows what you’ve been up to)? The truth is, mums have mystical superpowers that you may never understand (until you’re a parent yourself)! Bright illustrations and minimal dialogue make this a lovely lap read for Mother’s Day and beyond.

Sally Morgan books for mum picture books

My Mum’s Special Secret by Sally Morgan and Ambelin Kwaymullina 
Omnibus Books RRP:$24.99

With similar themes but a down to earth setting, this is a young kookaburra’s story of why Mum is so special. The mummy kookaburra teaches her youngster to appreciate the sunrise, learn to fly and snuggle up in the nest. Vibrant illustrations by Kwaymullina – an award winning Indigenous writer and artist – make this a distinctly Australian story. Lively onomatopoeia makes it fun to read out loud.

books for mum picture books

Space Alien At Planet Dad by Lucinda Gifford
Scholastic Australia RRP:$15.99

OK, this doesn’t sound like a Mother’s Day book at first, but this is one for parents in new relationships or blended families. Young Jake visits ‘Planet Dad’ on Saturdays, where he enjoys amazing intergalactic journeys (to the movies) and his favourite dinner, spaghetti with meteorite sauce. One day, his Dad meets a terrifying space alien who spoils EVERYTHING! The alien turns up at Planet Dad and expects to join in. The alien goes WITH THEM to the movies and the museum and even stays for spaghetti. Jake wishes he could blast the alien out of Dad’s house and into a black hole.

This speaks to the difficult situation of a child coming to terms with changes in their parents’ relationships. The ‘alien’ does her best to find common ground with Jake, but he resents her presence during his special times with Dad. In the end, Jake begins to warm to the alien when she sticks up for him against another girl. It’s clear that this will only be the first step on the journey, but Jake is learning to understand there’s room for three on Planet Dad.

For other books for mum this Mother’s Day, check out my recent reviews of Kate Ritchie’s I Just Couldn’t Wait To Meet You and Rebecca Ryan’s Mindfulness For Mothers.

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