Picture Books For Father’s Day Gifts

It’s nearly Father’s Day in Australia and families everywhere are out looking for this year’s goody bag of jocks, socks and ties. It’s no surprise that I always advocate popping a picture book in with Dad’s tin of licorice allsorts, especially if you have young kids who love to snuggle up for a bedtime story. There are plenty of great books on the market this year. Check out the titles listed below!

But for this year, my personal favourite is I Spy Dad. It’s an easy read with charming illustrations that throws open the definition of ‘Dad’ beyond the trite symbolism you’ll find in the shopping store catalogues!

picture books fathers day gifts I Spy Dad by Janeen Brian, illustrated by Chantal Stewart
New Frontier Publishing RRP: $14.99

I Spy Dad brings together the classic car travel game with a bit of hide and seek fun as a little girl looks for her dad.

I spy with my little eye dads all starting with d.

Through the lens of her rolled up newspaper telescope, she spies rowing dads, mowing dads, reading dads and weeding dads. There are dads everywhere, of different ages and cultural backgrounds, showing their love for their families in all the diverse ways that dads do. Whether your dad is a sleeping dad or a leaping dad, he loves you.

This book has minimal dialogue and amusing, watercolour illustrations that will appeal to all ages. Rhyming language is great for early readers, while using this book as part of an interactive peek-a-boo game will help make story time even more fun.

Or try these….

father's day books

Where’s Dad Hiding? by Ed Allen & Anil Tortop Scholastic AU RRP: $16.99

Father's Day gift ideas

Wild Pa by Claire Saxby & Connah Brecon Random House AU RRP: $24.99


Grandpa Is Great by Laine Mitchell & Alison Edgson Scholastic AU RRP: $16.99

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