What Does A Copywriter Actually Do?

A cloud of words, used to explain what copywriters actually do“I know you’re a copywriter …  but what does a copywriter actually DO?” I’ve heard this plenty of times over the last few years, since beginning my freelance adventures.

A copywriter writes copy. It’s as simple and as highly complicated as that.

Copy is the ‘words’ bit of any text you can think of, from the product descriptions on your favourite shopping website, to the descriptive section of your company’s annual report, right through to those hilarious blog posts on your must-read morning news source. Copywriters do the words.

Copywriters make you look good

A copywriter is a personal stylist for your words. They can make you sound professional, eloquent, funny or quirky. They ensure your personal or business brand is working for you and that your readers are getting the right message.

Can you think of a few places where you really need to make a good impression? How about…

  • making sure your school website, newsletter or enrolment pack is free from spelling errors?
  • having a small business website that seriously sells your product and makes it sound amazing?
  • sending an event invitation that has all the information a potential visitor will need?
  • delivering a speech that nails your message and has the crowd hanging on your every word?

Copywriters make or break your business

Most businesses have trouble succeeding these days without a strong web presence. A copywriter ensures your website reads well, from a catchy tag line to an engaging About Us page that makes customers want to buy your stuff or use your service. An ‘SEO copywriter’ has the additional skill of helping kick your businesses on to page 1 of Google search results, which is always nice.

If you don’t want, or don’t think you need, a website or social media page, you’re probably a business that relies on flyers or posters? Or perhaps you prefer a nice affordable newspaper ad? A copywriter can write these too – and ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck, no matter how much you’re spending.

Copywriters are writing experts, so that you don’t need to be

If you’ve dedicated your life to being a caring, family dentist or the go-to local vet, you may not have had time to read Grammar 101 as well. Copywriters regularly ‘ghost write‘ work for other professionals who know all the stuff, but can’t find the words: think blog posts, magazine articles, patient reports or conference presentations. I wouldn’t try to fill my own teeth, so why should you be expected to write your own articles for an industry magazine? Hire a writer. It’s what we do.

Copywriting is not copyrighting

This is the most common point of confusion when it comes to what copywriters actually do. Copyright is the legal process that protects someone’s intellectual property. A copywriter does not work on copyright cases. They DO however have a good understanding of copyright requirements, which saves you from infringing the law by copying text from someone else or using an image online that’s not legally yours to use. Avoid a copyright fine but using a fine copywriter! (groan).

Does this help you understand what copywriters actually do? If you need words, anytime, anywhere, get in touch! Trust me. I’m a copywriter.

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