School Holiday Book Bonanza! Picture Books & Early Readers

Looking for some book inspo these school holidays? We are working our way through a major reading pile this week, so I thought I’d share some of the family’s favourites across the next two weeks. We’ve got a selection of picture books and early reader titles covered today. Buy these titles via the link below, or grab one from your library. Quiet time with a book is so valuable (for kids and adults alike) during an action packed school holidays.

Rather than give a lengthy review, I’m treating this post like a catalogue. Here are some beautiful, colourful, engaging titles and a few words from my expert panel of junior reviewers!

Picture book faves

Rose's Red Boots coverRoses Red Boots by Maura Finn & Karen Erasmus
New Frontier Publishing RRP: $24.99 AUD

“I like the texture in the illustrations.” (Girl, 10)

“I like the repetition in the sentences. The little red boots went marching, marching. The little red boots went marching on their way.” (Girl, 9)

Ava's Spectacular Spectacles cover image Ava’s Spectacular Spectacles by Alice Rex & Angela Perrini
New Frontier Publishing RRP: $24.99 AUD

“I like the end papers. They really give you the context of the book! And I like the mystery in the cover blurb – it doesn’t give too much away.” (Girl, 10)

“I have a friend called Ava who wears glasses. She would love this book!” (Boy, 6)

“The illustrations are huge and the text is small. It looks weird. Until you realise that it’s about someone getting their glasses and seeing the world differently. Then it makes sense.” (Girl, 10)

Great Zoo Hullabaloo coverThe Great Zoo Hullabaloo by Mark Carthew & Anil Tortop
New Frontier Publishing RRP: $24.99 AUD

“One page of this is extra good because there is poo in the illustrations. They are looking for clues about where the animals are and the poo gives them some hints.” (Boy, 6)

“I like the way the characters smile. It’s easy to read.” (Girl, 5).

Baby Band coverBaby Band by Diana Jackson Hall & Giuseppe Poli
New Frontier Publishing RRP: $24.99 AUD

“I like the way the neighbours all get to know each other. It would be nice to live in a place like that.” (Girl, 7)

“It’s good how you can make all the noises as you read them. Like crash! bang! and those things.” (Girl, 5)

Thanks to New Frontier Publishing for review copies of these titles. Had to their website to view sample pages and learn more about the authors and illustrators. 

Early reader faves

Dinosaur Trouble cover Dinosaur Trouble: The Great Egg Stink by Kyle Mewbern & Donovan Bixley
Scholastic NZ RRP:$5

Mr 6 says…

“I like the illustrations. It actually looks like what happened in the past. I could believe this was a real cave family.”

“At the front, there is an introduction to all the characters. That made it easier for me to understand who was the kid and who was the mum. There is also a map of their world and their village, that is cool.”

“My favourite character is Krrk-krrk, the family’s pet dinosaur. He is called that because it’s the noise he made when he first popped out of his egg.”

“My favourite person character is Arg, because he is really smart. The book says he is a clever cave boy.”

Ella and Olivia Note Perfect coverElla and Olivia: Note Perfect by Yvette Poshoglian & Danielle McDonald
Scholastic Au RRP: $7.99 AUD

“I had to read this because I’ve read ALL the Ella and Olivia books. They are cool because I have a sister too.” (Girl, 6)

“I thought this was very cute. It reminds of how you feel nervous before you have to do a concert but then you feel brave, and your friends can help you feel brave.” (Girl, 9)

All these books and more are available at your local library, your favourite local bookstore, or at Booktopia here…
What is your family reading these school holidays?

3 comments for “School Holiday Book Bonanza! Picture Books & Early Readers

  1. June 27, 2017 at 11:47 am

    Oops! Forgot. #mummymondays

  2. June 27, 2017 at 11:46 am

    “Poo in the illustrations” is my top criterion for a good book too. Lol! Great list!

  3. June 26, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    My youngest would love the zoo hullabaloo book, she is easily amused with poo references. We’ve recently gotten a kitten and my other daughter is enjoying reading easy novels with cats in the theme.

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