Review: Super Moopers by Fiona Harris and Scott Edgar

Super Moopers Nervous Nellie coverSuper Moopers by Fiona Harris & Scott Edgar, with Sally Rippin
Bonnier Publishing AU, RRP:$12.99AUD

My kids are treated to book launches and author signing events pretty regularly – like it or not – thanks to my passion for reading and reviewing. One of the best in recent times has been a trip to Riverbend Books in Brisbane to celebrate Super Moopers – the fab new series from Fiona Harris and Scott Edgar (with a helping hand from Sally Rippin of Bille B Brown fame).

Fiona is an actor, writer, producer and all round hard-working entertainer; Scott is best known to many as part of comedy troupe Tripod, but he, too, has an accomplished work history in the arts. Together they’ve created the colourful fantasy world of Moopertown, the inhabitants of which are unique – in all the right ways.

Fiona Harris & Scott Edgar presenting in Brisbane

The series includes 4 books so far, each focussing on the ‘journey’ of a particular Mooper as he or she comes to realise that everyone is different, but the qualities that make you stand out in a crowd might just be your personal superpowers! Nervous Nellie is scared of everything – even marshmallows! But it’s this anxiety that pushes her to rescue a cute little Mooper creature stuck in the middle of the road. Nellie, you’re actually a Super Mooper! Dramatic Dom tends to overreact and exaggerate, Musical Markus’ constant singing can be really annoying, and Giggling Gertie chuckles at the most inappropriate moments. The message is that we all have little quirks in our personalities – and thank goodness we do! The Super Moopers books encourage children to make peace with their own special qualities, and learn to celebrate difference in their communities.

Super Moopers cover - Dramatic DomThe illustrations are rich and colourful, with plenty to ‘I spy’ in the background of the main action. Seuss-like, there are curls and twirls and impressively bizarre townscapes to explore. The narrator of the stories is Niki Bird, who can be spotted on every page if you look hard enough. Cleverly, the back covers of the books also create a sort of jigsaw panorama of Moopertown – great marketing, but also an excellent literacy encouragement device, pushing kids towards reading the next books in the series. Kids love nothing better than collecting a full set! This interactive component is extended with a terrific website here including downloads and games that reiterate the series’ positive messages.

If all that is not enough Mooper for you, you can also check out Fiona and Scott reading the books online via StoryBox Library. This has been a go-to online tool for my family for the past year, and was the first place we ‘discovered’ the Super Moopers. Family subscriptions are pretty affordable, but you can also access it at your local library.

Here’s a preview…

And if Fiona and Scott are presenting at a bookstore or library near you – go along! My kids just loved the flamboyant reading of the texts, musical interludes and opportunities to create their own Mooper. Check out my boy – Naughty Nick. So proud.

Buy the Super Moopers titles at your favourite local bookstore, or here…


(PS. None of this is sponsored and I didn’t receive review copies, I just really love this one!)

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