Review: No one Likes A Fart by Zoe Foster Blake

No one Likes A Fart cover imageNo one LIkes A Fart by Zoe Foster Blake & Adam Nickel
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Once upon a time, children’s literature used anthropomorphised animals to soften the blow of moral stories; when little Freddy Pig had a problem in the school yard it helped kids to orientate themselves in positions of empathy or recognition. With Zoe Foster Blake‘s adorable picture book we enter a new age…where sentient gasses become our guides!

Our leading man is just an average fart, named Fart, who’s looking for friends in all the wrong places. He hangs out in a cafe, catches the bus and takes a walk in the park, but for some reason people just keep leaving!

I give up, thought Fart. I’m kind and friendly, and I’d make a wonderful very best friend, but no one will give me a chance.

It takes him a while to realise that HE might be part of the problem. But what do you do then? Do you change yourself in a bid to make people like you, or hold out until you find your own tribe?

It’s a question for the ages, and not a new conundrum for children’s lit. But, let’s hand it to Zoe – it’s a truly unique protagonist.

It’s tough being a fart with a heart

The title is a little ironic. No one likes a fart … except primary age kids, who think they are hilarious! If ever there was a way to get your reluctant readers on board with a book it’s the inclusion of bodily functions. Just ask Andy Griffiths. But this is not just a running fart joke, it actually has pathos!

No one Likes A Fart author Zoe Foster Blake

Zoe Foster Blake

“It’s funny but it’s also kind of nice…” said my Mr 6. And here ‘nice’ means something along the lines of ‘moving’, as even a relatively sweet smelling 6 year old experiences those days when your friendship mojo just isn’t working for you.

Zoe Foster Blake is best known for writing relatable comedy fiction and grounded beauty guides. She strikes a neat balance of smart and silly that adult fans adore, and no doubt there will be grown ups enjoying this book as much as their kids. Need a Secret Santa gift for the office Christmas party? Waft this way!

In a bold red cover hard cover, this is perfectly placed for this year’s stocking, or even a back-to-school gift for kids who find friendship a challenge. Let this fart with a heart remind you that true friends like you just the way you are!

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I received a review copy of this title but all opinions are my own.

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